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Obviously, we'd like you to choose an Enjoy More Driving School Driving Instructor as your instructor of choice, to take you into the wonderful world of driving - the road to freedom. However, the reality is you must choose an instructor that suits your needs, has the right complementary teaching skills, and one which you'll feel comfortable with.
So Top Tip: Make sure the Instructor you choose is RIGHT for you!

Here, we've listed some basic criteria for you to carefully think about before making that all-important decision - who to teach you Driving, a Skill for Life!

Why use an ADI?
If you're going to pay someone to teach you to drive, they must be an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) or hold a trainee licence - Potential Driving Instructor (PDI).
It's unlikely that anyone except an ADI would have the experience, knowledge and training to teach you properly.
Statistics show 9 out of 10 learners who passed the practical test on their first attempt were taught by an ADI rather than a friend or relative.

Fully qualified ADIs and trainees
A fully qualified ADI must display a GREEN BADGE on the windscreen of the car while teaching you.
Some Potential (trainee) Driving Instructors are given a trainee licence (PDI) so they can get experience before their qualifying test. They must display a PINK BADGE on the windscreen.

A widely recognised statistic is that 70% of Trainee driving instructors (PDI) fail their third and final attempt in the ability to give instruction, therefore not achieving the ADI qualification.

Enjoy More Driving School Driving instructors are FULLY qualified UK Government Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Approved High Grade Driving Instructors; proud owners of the Green Badge.

If your driving instructor is not displaying either a green or pink badge in their car's windscreen, ask them to show it to you. If they cannot show you their badge, you should report this to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

DSA is responsible for maintaining and checking the standards of all ADIs. To qualify, they must:

  • be registered with DSA,
  • have passed a criminal record check,
  • pass a much tougher theory and practical driving test, and pass a test of their ability to give instruction,
  • display an ADI identification certificate on the windscreen of the tuition vehicle,
  • maintain a high standard of instruction - DSA checks this standard regularly.
    • DSA regularly checks, via a timely CHECK Test, the standard of instruction of all ADIs, similar to the Governments educational OFSTED checks on schools etc. The instructor is then graded: 

      • '4' is satisfactory,
      • '5' is a good overall standard,
      • '6' is the highest.
        • The highest standard is a grade 6, which approximately 6 per cent of ADIs will have attained. About 13 per cent of ADIs have a grade 5, which is also a very good standard, and grade 4 means that they’ve met the basic competency to teach but not impressed the Supervisor Examiner. Most parents, for their offspring, check availability of schools with a high OFSTED rating, thereby ensuring a solid education. Should it be any different for their driving education, a Life Skill?

          Learning to drive with an ADI whose Grading is 5 or above, a driver has a 33% GREATER chance of passing the test first time (and with flying colours too!). Added to that, the driver takes approximately 25% FEWER lessons to achieve that success. A WIN WIN situation.

          To find out which grade your instructor has been given, you can ask them to show you their last grade report. If you have any doubts about your instructor, contact the DSA.

          Enjoy More Driving School Driving Instructors are graded at level 5 or above. And will gladly 'show-off' our grading certificates. And 'why not!?' :)

          Area Familiarity and Lesson Duration
          Check that they are familiar with your area. At Enjoy More Driving School we have in-depth knoweldge of the advertised postcoded areas, driving test centres and their respective test routes - this means we know where the tests can be passed or failed, and train you for success. Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail!

          • Ask where they normally teach and take their tests, and where they are based.
          • Check that they provide FULL hour lessons and NOT 50 minutes, some try to appear cheaper when they're actually not!
          • Make sure you compare like for like.
          • Don't pay out for 20 hours before the 1st lesson. Have a 2 hour assessment or Starter/Taster package.
          • See how well you get on, what you learn and if you like their style of instruction.
          • Consider saving yourself some money and block book lessons - maybe 10/20/30 hours.
            • Decision: Instructor v School?
              It is well-recognised in the industry (the hot debate rages on!) that the national driving schools Do Not check or maintain the quality of their instructors. This is also applicable in the case of the large 'local' driving schools - receipt of instructor franchise fees take precedent over quality driver instruction.
              So it's a case of 'luck or chance' which instructor you are assigned. Would you be happy with a Trainee who may not even pass their own test? Is an ADI with Grade 4 sufficient enough to meet your requirements?

              Don't take chances, choose carefully: instructor or the school. Drive with Peace Of Mind!

              Once The Lessons have Started
              You should take advice from your ADI on:

              • all aspects of driving,
              • what books to read,
              • when to take your test,
              • how to practice.
                • We are more than happy to answer any further questions/queries. There's no obligation to start with Enjoy More Driving School; just glad to be of service in your fact-gathering mission.

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